Assemblée générale annuelle

Nous vous invitons à notre Assemblée générale annuelle et contribuer à notre plan pour l’année prochaine.


À cette assemblée, nous allons…

  • Présenter le rapport annuel du 2016/2017 et un sommaire des activités
  • Élire le nouveau Conseil d’administration


Date: le 1 novembre 2017
Heure: 18h00 à 20h00
Lieu: Collège Glendon (2275 rue bayview), Manoir Glendon 102

Voici de l’information à propos de l’AGA:

Pour tous ceux qui voudraient participer en ligne, veuillez nous contacter à


Annual General Meeting

We invite you to our Annual General Meeting and to contribute to our plans for the upcoming year.


At this meeting, we will…


  • Present the 2016/2017 Annual Report and a summary of activities
  • Elect the new board of directors



Date: November 1, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
 Glendon College (2275 Bayview Avenue), Glendon Hall 102
Here is the information about our AGM:

For those interested in attending online, please send an email to



We’re dreaming big!

In celebration of our best friend, Glendon College’s 50th anniversary, The Friends are raising $250,000 to increase bursary support to Glendon students in financial need.


You can give to our fund by setting up monthly giving, through a one-time donation, or by setting up a bequest.

Join us to raise $250,000 for Glendon students. And here’s how you can help:

  • Buddy


    Thanks, here’s a tax receipt and we’ll leave you alone! We won’t even come after you for more money… But we will not say no if you come back to give more. ;) P.S. You can check for your name in our annual report and website -- “Hey - that’s me! Jessica P.!”

  • Friend

    $ 150

    You'll get a special thank you card with our heartfelt feedback on the impact of your gift. We can’t do this for everyone, our hands will get cramped!

  • BFF

    $500 +

    We’ll shout your names from the rooftops of Glendon! You’re part of the fam and will be in our hearts forever! Plus a shout out on our Annual Report, our website, and on social media.

Your support makes an impact!

These are the stories and photos of the students whose life you changed.